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Tinkerbell Party Supplies

Top 8 Ideas for Tinkerbell Party Ideas, games, and decorations.

1. For invitations, use Tinkerbell invitations for a great way to invite your guests.

 2. For table decorations, use a Tinkerbell table cover, Tinkerbell plates, Tinkerbell cups, and Tinkerbell napkins your table a fun place to eat!

3. To make your party area a magical place to be, decorate it with a Tinkerbell Banner and a Tinkerbell Deco. Make sure to hang up lots of purple and green balloons and purchase Tinkerbell confetti for the guests to throw on your child when they enter the room.

4. Set out Tinkerbell and fairy coloring pages for the guests to cover while you wait for everyone to arrive for the party. Also, hand out Tinkerbell blowouts to all the guests as they arrive for the party.

5. For a great game play "Fairy Freeze Tag." Give the person who is "It" a Tinker Bell Magic wand. Then, have everyone spread out and have the person who is "It" stand in the middle. When you say go, they all run around and the person with the wand try's to tag people with it. If you get tagged with the wand, your frozen. The game ends when everyone has been frozen with the wand. Also, once you are frozen you can't become unfrozen. Award everyone a Tinkerbell headband for playing.

6. For another fantastic fairy game play "Pin the Star on the Wand." Use colored poster board and draw and cut out a long, slender rectangle. Then have the kids line up and give each of them a medium sized star. Blindfold each one in turn and have them try to stick their star on the "wand". Whoever gets the closest wins. Award the winner or all of the players candy necklaces.

7. For a great gift to hand to your guests as they head out the door, fill up Tinkerbell Treat Purses with these party favors: Tinkl Glitter Stickers, Tinkerbell tattoos, Tink body glitter, and Tinkerbell danglers.

8. Have your child write thank you notes to all of their guests on Tinker Bell Thank You's to let each guest know he or she appreciated them coming to the party!

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