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Strawberry Shortcake Party Supplies

Strawberry Shortcake Party Supplies, Games and Ideas

 If your daughter is a Strawberry Shortcake fan, you can host a great party by getting the right supplies and preparing appropriate games and activities shown below.  These Strawberry Shortcake ideas will leave your daughter and her party guests "berry" happy!

*First off, select your colors.  Pink, White, and red are great colors for your Strawberry Shortcake Party.

*For fun Strawberry Shortcake invitations, make two sides of a strawberry out of construction paper and fold it in half. Write the information for the party (time, date, etc.) on the inside of the strawberry.

 *When you make your invitations, ask that your guest wear a dress with pink, white, or red in it.  This will make a nice photo with your daughter and friends wearing matching Strawberry Shortcake dresses.

*To decorate, use Strawberry Shortcake balloons to blow up and hang on ceilings and walls. Be sure to include pink and red streamers to "spice" things up! Cut out and color large paper strawberries to brighten your party room!

 *Play "Pin the Stem on the Strawberry." It is played just like "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" except you pin the stem on the strawberry. Use a large piece of poster board or butcher paper to draw a large strawberry. Then cut our a stem to fit and you're ready to play!

*Play "Find the Strawberries": Buy strawberry pieces of candy and hide them around the house. Give each child a basket and see how many pieces of candy they can find to fill their baskets!

*Have a strawberry toss. Use pink and red beanbags as the "strawberries" and draw a big green bush ona piece of blank white cardboard. Cut a hole in the middle of the bush. Have the children take turns throwing the beanbags into the bush. The winner is whoever gets the most "Strawberries" or beanbags through the bush.

 *For game prizes, give your winners (or each guest) a diamond tennis bracelet, a princess crown, metallic heart necklaces or candy necklaces--anything that helps them "dress up" like Strawberry Shortcake and her friends.

 *You can never leave a party without getting a goodies bag. Hand out fun Strawberry Shortcake treat bags filled with: an assortment of candy, Musical Birthday Straws, a Princess Sash, Candy Lipstick, Push Pop Candy and more! Or have a colorful pinata filled with candy and prizes for your guests to take home in their Strawberry Shortcake treat bags. (available from Zippa Party Supplies)

 *Turn your birthday sheet cake into Strawberry Land by making green bushes out of green frosting and putting little red dots on them for the berries. You can also dot the cake with strawberry candy. If you opt for cupcakes, use pink or red icing and put strawberry rings on the top of each one.

*At the beginning or end of the party, give your guests a little party favor like a pack of strawberry seeds, a pair of garden gloves, lip gloss, or some Strawberry Shortcake stickers as a token of thanks for coming.

Incorporating some of these ideas will make your Strawberry Shortcake party a success.  Have fun! 


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