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Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Square Pants Party Supplies, Ideas and Games

Top 8 Ideas To Host A Spongebob Party Your Child and Friends Will Remember

 1.  Purchase colorful Spongebob party invitations (available from Zippa) or make your own by folding yellow construction paper into a "square" and drawing Sponge Bob's face on the front. Use bright yellows and blues to get your guests' attention!

 2.  To make your guests feel like they are really down in Bikini Bottom, hang some Spongebob and Patrick balloons around your party room. Set your table with a colorful Spongebob tablecloth, "square" plates (or pizza plates), bowls, napkins, and cups (all available from Zippa).

 3.  To get the party rolling, play "Pin the Pants on Spongebob." (It is played just like "Pin the Tail on the Donkey"). Use a large piece of cardboard or butcher paper to draw Sponge Bob (minus his pants), then cut out a pair of pants to fit! Blindfold each guest in turn and see who comes the closest! You can also play "Pin the Nose on Squidward."

 4.  Another game idea is to have the kids list as many words as they can make using the word "Spongebob" or "Spongebob Square Pants".  For a prize, give the winner a Jelly Fish Yo Yo.

 5.  See who can blow the biggest bubble by using Fish Bubbles! Give the biggest bubble blower a Neon or Large SquirtFish.

 6.  It's never a party without a Spongebob Pinata. Make sure to fill it with pinata filler, including Spongebob Buddy Blowouts, Spongebob Keychains, and other pinata toys and candy to surprise your guests when the pinata breaks.

 7.  When it's time to eat, let your guests drink out of Pineapple Cups. For some great snacks, try Krabby Patties (hamburgers) and Kelp (french fries).

 8.  You can never leave a party until you have a fun goodie bag! Fill your party bags with Spongebob Tattoos, Plug Bracelets, Soft Assorted Goldfish and Squirt Frogs.

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