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Top 9 Ideas For Scooby Doo Party Supplies and Games

1. Purchase Scooby Doo invitations from Zippa and write the party details on the inside. Or use brown construction paper to cut out the shape of Scooby Doo's face, with bits of blue, green and yellow paper for his collar. You can also use brown paper to cut out an invitation in the shape of Scooby Doo's paw print.

2. For some great decorations, decorate your table with a Scooby Doo table cover, plates, and cups. To decorate the party room, hang a Scooby Doo Birthday Banner and lime green, bright blue, white, and yellow balloons. (all available from Zippa). Cut out additional paw prints to put all over the walls.

3. As each child arrives, hand them some Scooby Doo Ears and a Scooby Blowout. You can also print and set out Scooby Doo coloring pages for the kids to color as they wait for each guest to arrive.

4. For a cake or cupcakes, bake a vanilla cake and then frost a brown paw print on it and stick a Scooby Doo candle in the middle. Or you can frost a dog collar on the cake by using a round cardboard cutout and covering it with brown or yellow frosting and red dots.

5. For a fun game, you can play Scooby Doo Snack Drop. Place a pickle jar on the floor (if you have older kids you can use a smaller jar.). Give each child 2-3 dog biscuits. Then have all the kids take turns standing on a chair or stool and trying to drop as many of their dog biscuits into the jar as they can. Whoever gets the most dog biscuits in the jar wins. You can give the winner, or all the children, Kooky Chew Treats or K-9 Candy.

6. What is a party without a pinata? Use a Retro Van pinata and stuff it with a mix of candy and pinata toys (all available from Zippa). Use a pinata blindfold and bat, spin each child around, and have them take turns hitting the pinata. When it breaks, have the party bags ready for the kids to fill them with the loot!

7. Make Sock Ghosts. Since Scooby Doo and his gang are always chasing after ghosts and monsters, it would be fun to make a ghost. Use a white sock for the ghost's body. Then, stick a foam ball up the sock for the head. Next, stick a skinny wooden stick up into the sock and push it into the foam ball. This is your "ghost puppet". Then, with a black marker, draw the mouth and eyes on the outside of the sock on top of the head. Then, you can use fabric to make clothes and accessories to add to the ghosts.

8. As your guests are leaving, add Scooby Doo mini dots, Scooby Doo tags, a Scooby Doo favor pack and Marshmallow Pops to their Scooby Doo loot bags. These make fun gifts for the kids.

9. To thank your guests for coming to the party, use Scooby-Doo thank you notes or make cards in the shape of a brown paw-print with a message inside letting your guests know you appreciate them coming. 

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