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Party Pups

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8 Great Ideas for Party Pups Party Supplies, Decor and Games!

1.  Use Party Pups invitations from Zippa and write the details of the party inside. Or make your own invitations with colorful construction paper or card stock and puppy cut-outs or stickers.

2.  To decorate, hang Party Pups balloons from the ceiling and place a Party Pups banner in the entryway. Add lime green, bright blue, white and brown balloons, as well as Party Pups danglers for even more pizazz. Draw the paw print of a puppy on each balloon if you would like. Decorate your table with Party Pups cups, plates and table cover.

3.  As each guest arrives, you can hand them each a party pup blowout for a fun party favor. You can also let them color some puppy or dog coloring books or pages as they are waiting for each guest to arrive.

4.  Once the guests arrive, play "Pass the dog biscuit." This game is played just like Hot Potato except your your guests pass a dog biscuit or treat. You can play music or have a adult who is not participating sing a song like "Hot dog biscuit, Hot dog biscuit." Then when the music or the person who is singing stops, whoever has the dog treat or biscuit is out. The winner is whoever is the last one to get out. Give the winner some dog and cat finger puppets from Zippa.

5.  "Who stole the Bone from the Doggy Treat Jar?" It is played just like "Who stole the cookies from the cookie Jar?"After playing this game, hand out K-9 candy to each participant.

6.  Purchase puppy photo frames from Zippa. Take digital pictures of each guest at the party (or group shots) and put the pictures in the frames to hand to your guests as a parting gift.)

7.  Fill your guests' Party Pups loot bags with fun party gifts like Kooky Chew Treats, Party Pups danglers and a mix of K-9 candy and other favorites. They might also enjoy Party Pups stickers, finger puppets, and bouncing putty.

8.  To say "thank you" to the kids that come to your party, use Party Pups thank-you cards and write, "Thank you for coming to my Puppy Party! I had a great time and I hope you did too!"

Follow these ideas to host a great and memorable Puppy Birthday party!

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