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Top Nine Ideas for Madagascar Party Supplies, Games and Party Decorations

1. Use Madagascar invitations from Zippa and write the details about the party on the inside for fast and fun invitations. Or create your own invitations using construction paper or card stock. Cut it out in the shape of a lion, zebra, giraffe, etc. (Or use animal stickers) Inside, write, "We're getting out of this Zoo and going to (Child's name) Party!" or "We're going WILD for (child's name) birthday!"

2. Decorate by hanging a Madagascar Birthday Banner and Madagascar balloons on the walls and ceiling of your party room. Add bright red, blue and sun yellow balloons and Madagascar danglers to make your room look really "wild"!

3. To decorate your birthday table, set out a Madagascar table cover, cups, napkins and plates. If you are having cupcakes, use the colorful Madagascar Cupcake holders. For a finishing touch, set out a Madagascar centerpiece or pinata in the center of your table. (all available from Zippa)

4. As the kids arrive at the party, you can give them each a Madagascar Party Hat and a Madagascar Blowout. If you're having a surprise party, you can have the kids blow these when they say "Surprise!"

5. "Pin the Tail on the Lion." You can print out, draw or purchase a lion or other jungle animal poster and remove the tail. Just blindfold or have each child close his/her eyes and try to pin the tail on the jungle animal. Whoever gets the closest to the right spot can win Madagascar stickers or a Squeeze Fun Tube. (You can give all the children prizes if you would like.)

6. What's a Madagascar party without a Pinata? Fill your Madagascar Pinata with a mix of candy and Madagascar party favors, such as Insect Superballs, an Animal Paddle game, Madagascar stickers and ring pops. Blindfold the kids (if you'd like) and have each one try to hit the pinata. Be sure to have Madagascar party bags ready for them to fill when the pinata breaks!

7. "Madagascar Animal Sounds" Have the kids stand in a circle. Then have one person be in the middle and shut his/her eyes. When the person in the middle says "go", everyone starts to walk around the circle. When the person in the middle says "stop", everyone stops wherever they are. Next, the person in the middle (still with his/her eyes shut) turns and faces someone. Whoever they turn to, the person in the middle tells them to make a jungle animal noise. (Ex: "Roar like a lion..." or "Hiss like a snake",etc.) Then the person in the middle tries to guess who made the sound. If they guess right, the person who made the sound is now "it." If the person in the middle gets it wrong, then they try again after everyone has walked in a circle again.

8. For some fun party bags, use Madagascar Loot Bags and fill them with Madagascar Crazy Straws, Madagascar Danglers, Animal Finger Puppets, and your child's favorite candies.

9. To thank your guests for coming, use Madagascar Thank-You's from Zippa to help your guests remember the swingin' time they had in the jungle!

Following these ideas will help you host a wonderful, memorable Madagascar Party. 

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