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Luau Party Supplies

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Top 8 Ideas for Luau Party Supplies and Games

1. Post Hula Girl Balloon Signs on your front lawn or walkway to welcome your guests to your "private luau". As they enter your door, greet them with a Beach or Tropical Scene Setter. Use Tiki Torch, Palm Tree or Surfboard add-ons to complete the picture for your luau. (all available from Zippa)

2. Hang a Tropical Door decorator on your door, then hang Flamingo and Prismatic Sun balloons. Dot your walls with an assortment of Plastic Fish and place Inflatable Palm Trees and Tiki Poles at various places in your luau party room. Hang Natural Fish Netting from the four corners of the ceiling. Then place Beach Sign Cutouts on the walls for a finishing touch.

3. For the table, use a Raffia Flower or a Flowered Table Skirt. Put a Luau Photo Centerpiece in the middle of the table. Put colorful luau party plates,cups, napkins and utensils on the table, too. For the cake or cupcakes, bake a vanilla cake and frost it with vanilla, blue (ocean), or yellow (sun) frosting. Put Sunglasses in the middle of the cake. Put Hula Girl candles around the sunglasses. Use Tiki Bowls or Platters or Fish or Pineapple Serving Dishes to serve fresh fruit, chips and other snacks. (all these decorations available from Zippa)

4. When the kids start arriving for the party, you can hand them each a Luau Flower Garland and a flowered or raffia Hula Skirt. Then, set out Hawaiian Girl coloring pages for the kids to color while they wait for everyone to arrive.

5. Once everyone arrives, play "Bobbing For Seashells." Fill a big bucket up with water. Then, fill it with lots of floating "luau" items: rubber Duckies, rubber balls, plastic seashells,etc. Then have all the children line up. Each child will take turns trying to pick up something out of the bucket or tub with their mouths only. No hands. Time the kids for about 30 seconds. They have to try to pick something up before time run out. If they do, they can keep the item. Or give the winners (or all the participants) an Inflatable Parrot, a Tropical Bandanna or Genuine Maracas.

6. "Hula Freeze Dance." Use a c.d. player and a Luau CD or Hula Party Music for the soundtrack. (available from Zippa) When the music starts, all the kids will start dancing in a Hawaiian kind of way. But when the music stops, they freeze wherever they are. Then, you or someone else can look at all the poses the kids are in. You can pick which one you like the most. That one will then be "it" until everyone has been picked. Then you can give them all a Let's Hula Balloon.

7. Bring out a Luau Pinata--filled with a mix of pinata candy, Sunburst Danglers, Puca Shell Necklaces, Luau Wrist Bands, Foam Visors and Mini Neon Caracas.

8. For party bags, you can use luau party bags. Or use brown paper bags and let the kids decorate their own. Let them use flower stickers, fake flowers, etc. After they are done decorating, fill the party bags with Sunglasses, Luau balloons, Luau Photo Cutouts, and White Plastic Seashells and fruity candies.

Try some of these ideas, and you'll host a wonderful, memorable Luau Party!

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