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Shopping Party

Top 9 ideas for Let's Shop Party Supplies, Games, and Decorations

1. For invitations, use Let's Shop invites. Or, you can use colored paper and cut out a purse design and decorate it. Then write the Let's Shop party details on the back of the purse.

2. Decorate your eating area and table with a Let's Shop table cover, Let's Shop plates, Let's Shop cups, and a Let's Shop centerpiece.

3. Decorate your Let's Shop party area with white, pink, purple, and green balloons. Hang up lots of white and purple ribbon,too, so you can start to feel the shopping spirit!

4. As your guests start arriving for the party, give them each a pink or white boa. Also, set out coloring pages of purses and people shopping for the guests to color while you wait for everyone to arrive.

5. To get into the shopping mood, play "Pass the Merchandise." Wrap a piece of merchandise, (a Saying Pillow, a Newsboy hat etc...) in a layer of paper. Now wrap it in additional layers until you have about ten. Then, wrap it in nice gift wrap. Have everyone sit in a circle and start playing music. Have them pass the gift around the circle. When the music stops, the person holding the gift removes ONE layer of wrapping. Begin playing the music again and continue passing. Stop the music and the next person holding it removes another layer of wrapping. Repeat until the last layer of wrapping has been removed. The person who is the winner gets to keep the piece of merchandise.

6. Play "Merchandise Walk". Have numbered squares made out of paper or cardboard, on the ground equal to the number of "Shoppers" (guests) Put a number on each square. Start some music and have everyone start to move around the squares in a circle. When the music stops, call out a number. Each number represents a different piece of merchandise. The child on that number wins the piece of merchandise the number represents. After they have been called, they wait outside the circle. The game ends when everyone has won a piece of merchandise.

7. Time to break the pinata! Fill a Glam Girl Polish pinata with all your child's favorite party favors and treats and have all the guests try to break it open.

8. For a great way to send your guests outside the door, fill a Let's Shop treat purse with these party favors: a Bling Nail file, glitter heart glasses, Bling cellphone gloss, and Diamond word tattoos.

9. Write each of your guests a thank you note on Let's Shop thank you's. Let your guests know how much you appreciated them coming to your Let's Shop party.

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