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Go Diego Go

Go Diego Go is a show with an eight-year-old boy, Diego Márquez, who helps animals in danger, mainly in the rainforest. He has a jaguar companion named "Baby Jaguar" who assists him on adventures. Go Diego Go is the brother of Dora the Explorer. If you want to go on an adventure at your birthday party use Go Diego Go Party Supplies such as Go Diego Go Party Plates and Go Diego Go Party Napkins.

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Top 10 Ideas for Go Diego Go Party Supplies, Party Decorations and Games

1. For some great invitations to invite your friends to the party, you can use Go Diego Go invitations from Zippa or you can use colorful paper and Go Diego Go stickers. Write the party details on the inside.

2. Decorate your party room with Go Diego Go balloons and a Diego pinata hanging in the center. Add white, orange and brown balloons and streamers. Put up Diego and Friends Add-ons on your walls and greet your guests at the door with an inflatable palm tree or donkey to set the mood for your adventure!

3. Purchase some small backpacks (or have each child bring his/her own to the party) and fill them with all the supplies mentioned above (Go Diego Go telescopes, Diego safari glasses, flashlights, animal finger puppets, etc.) The backpack can serve as the child's "rescue pack"-- just like Diego uses on his adventures!

4. Set up a Go Diego Go obstacle course-- leading to a certain stuffed animal. (The stuffed animal would be the animal in trouble that the kids have to try and save.) The kids climb over, under, around and through the obstacle course (couches, chairs, pillows, cardboard boxes, etc.) Give each child a pair of Safari Glasses for the hunt--or maybe as a prize when they find the animal!

5. Time to break the pinata! If you want to add a little festive spirit to the party, use a Go Diego Go Pinata and fill it with Marshmallow Pops, and a Pinata toy and candy assortment from Zippa.

6. As your guests arrive at the party, you can give them each a Go Diego Go telescope. You can print and set out some Diego coloring pages for the kids to color while they wait for the other guests to arrive.

7. You can teach the kids at your Diego party some Spanish--just like Diego and his friends! Ask someone who speaks Spanish to lend a hand, or learn a few phrases on your own! The children might enjoy learning words or phrases that Diego and his friends use on the show!

8. For some fun party bags to give to your guests after the party, use Go Diego Loot Bags and fill them with: Go Diego Go stickers, animal finger puppets, Ring Pops, a Go Diego Pull, and Child Safari Glasses, and your child's favorite candy.

9. If your child wants, you can dress him/her up in a Go Diego Go costume from Zippa. This would be fun for your child and you could have him/her lead the activities and tell his/her guests how to play the games.

10. When sending out "thank you's" to your party guests, include Go Diego Go stickers or a Go Diego Go Pull in the envelope as a reminder of the "wild" and memorable adventure they had at your party!

Follow these ideas, and you'll host a fantastic, memorable party!

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