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Top 9 Ideas For Elmo Party Supplies, Decorations and Games

1. For invitations, use colorful Elmo invitations from Zippa. Or create your own by using red colored paper and writing at the top, "Come to my Elmo Birthday Party!" Print a cutout of Elmo's face and place it on the front of the invitation and write all the fun details of your Elmo party inside.

2. To decorate your Elmo birthday table, use an Elmo Table Cover, plates, cups and napkins and an Elmo Balloon Weight as a centerpiece. Add bright red plastic spoons, forks and knives. (available from Zippa) For the cake, bake a vanilla cake and frost it with white frosting. (Or do a velvet cake to go all red!) Then, with red icing, frost Elmo's face in the middle of the cake. Put red and yellow candles around Elmo's face.

3. To decorate your party area, hang lots of Elmo Balloons and standard red and yellow balloons. Hang lots of yellow and red streamers from the ceiling. Hang up a Hurray For Elmo Banner to greet the guests as they arrive at the party.

4. Have your child dress up in an Elmo costume (from Zippa) to add to the fun. Or let the children take turns wearing the Elmo costume and leading the group in a game or activity.

5. As the guests start arriving for your Elmo party, give them each a "Hurray for Elmo" blowout and a "Hurray for Elmo" party hat. (available from Zippa) Then have them go over to a table (use an additional Elmo tablecover) and color Elmo coloring pages while you wait for the rest of the guests to arrive.

6. Sesame Street Scavenger Hunt. Give each child a "Hooray for Elmo" loot bag and have them go around the room or house looking for hidden Sesame Street characters. (Print out, draw or color small paper or cardstock Sesame Street characters ahead of time and hide them in various spots) Or you can hide Sesame Street Mini dots for the kids to find. Award whoever finds the most (or all the kids) Sesame Street Tattoos.

7. Time to break the Pinata! Hang up a Elmo Pull Pinata and have the kids be blindfolded and try to break open the pinata with a strong stick or bat. Fill your Elmo pinata ahead of time with an assortment of candy, Hooray for Elmo Pulls, Ring Pops, Marshmellow Pops, Candy Watches, and Pinata Toys. Have your guests use their Elmo party bags to fill up with the candy and favors that come out of the pinata.

8. Play "Elmo's Rhyming Game." Since Elmo likes to rhyme, your guests will enjoy this one! Have all the kids sit in a circle. Then start a beat by clapping hands, patting your knees, etc. Then name a word like "cat, dog, dish, boy, etc..." Go around the circle and have everyone say something in rhythm that rhymes with the word you named. You cannot repeat a rhyming word someone else has already said. The game ends when someone runs out of ideas or doesn't say a rhyming word in time. It is played just like the game "Concentration"

9. To thank your guests for coming to the party, use Elmo Thank You notes from Zippa. Or make your own notes by taking a picture of each guest in the Elmo costume during the party, mounting it on cardstock and writing a note to each guest on the back.

These ideas coupled with Elmo Party Supplies will help you host a wonderful Elmo party.

Elmo has a special way of making your child feel like the most special kid in the world. Buy Elmo plates, Elmo banners, send out Elmo invitations, and decorate with an Elmo Centerpiece. Elmo balloons and Elmo Streamers will complete the look for a fantastic birthday party. Have an Elmo birthday party and the fun will never stop. Your toddler or preschool child would be tickled with Elmo at their next birthday party.

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