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Dora the Explorer Party Supplies

Top 9 Ideas For Dora The Explorer Party Supplies, Decorations, and Games

1.  For invitations, use Dora invitations from Zippa. Or create your own by using purple and pink colored paper or cardstock. Fold the pieces of paper in half and write, "Come Explore with Dora and Me at my Party!" Write the party details on the inside of the invitation.

2. Use Dora decorations for your party table. Place an Dora centerpiece in the middle and add Dora plates, cups, and napkins. And don't forget to set everything on a Dora table cover!

3. Place an Airblown 4' Dora at your front door to greet your guests! Put up a Dora Room Roll on the wall so it will feel like you are really on an adventure with Dora. Put Dora and Friends add-ons on each wall and put up lots of colorful Dora and Boots balloons.

4. As each guest arrives for the party, you can hand them a Dora Blowout and a Dora Cone Hat. You can also set out Dora coloring sheets for the kids to color while you are waiting for everyone to arrive.

5. Pinata Time! Use a Dora Pinata Or a Bull Pinata and fill it with a Pinata Filler, a candy assortment, Dora bubbles, Dora stickers and Dora tattoos.

6. For a great game, create a "Dora the Explorer Scavenger Hunt". Pretend that Swiper the fox has hidden some objects around the party area (You can hide certain objects ahead of time, such as Maracas, Plug Bracelets, and Glo Popcifiers--all available from Zippa--and list them on a sheet of paper for the children.) Hand each guests a pair of Child's Safari Glasses to use. When they have found everything on the list, you can award them all some Child-Sized Dora Sombreros.

7. For another game, play "Fishing For Boot's the Monkey's Boot." Print and cut out colorful fish and rock pictures. Then print and cut out a red boot. Put up a curtain or sheet and hide all the pictures behind the curtain. Put magnets on all the backs of the pictures.Then put a string on a long stick and hook a magnet to the string and have each child throw the "Fishing Pole" over the sheet or blanket. Watch from the side of the curtain. Tell them when the magnet has picked up one of the pictures and have them pull it up. If they have just caught a rock or fish picture, have them give the stick to someone else. If they have caught the boot though, you can award them a Wood or mini-neon Dora Maraca (from Zippa).

8. Send your guests home with a fun-filled Dora Loot Bag. Fill them with Dora tattoos, Dora stickers, Dora blowouts, Dora Room Rolls, Plug Bracelets or Maracas. You can also fill them with your child's favorite treats.

9. Tell your guests how much you appreciated them coming to your party by using Dora Thank You's and writing notes to your guests on the inside. You can put a kooky chew treat or a few Dora stickers in the Thank You envelopes, too!

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