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Disney Princess Party Supplies

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Top 9 Ideas for Disney Princesses Party Supplies and Games

1. For invitations, use Disney Princess invitations or, using pink and yellow paper and folding each one in half, write on the front of the card: "You are invited to A Royal Ball for Princess _______ (your child's name)." You can put a picture of a princess crown on the front of the invitation and then write the party details on the inside. You can also tell your guests to dress up like a Disney princess when they come!

2. For decorations, hang up Disney Princess Balloons and a Disney Princess Happy Birthday Banner on the wall. You can also use all the Disney Princess add-ons for the walls. Hang pink and yellow streamers and Disney Princess Danglers from the ceiling. As a finishing touch, turn on a Princess Motion Lamp to set the mood for the royal fun! (available from Zippa)

3. To decorate your table, use a Disney Princess table cover, and Disney Princess napkins, plates and cups. For the cake (or cupcakes) bake a vanilla cake and frost it with white frosting and then put a Princess crown in the middle of the cake. On cupcakes you could put a Butterfly Rubber Ring on each. Add a Disney Princess Candle topper to your cake. (all items available from Zippa)

4. Have your child dress up as her favorite Disney princess with a costume from Zippa. She can be Snow White, Aurora, Cinderella, Jasmine or Ariel! As a Disney princess, your child can be the first one to do the games, and the one to hand out goody bags. This way she will feel she has an important part to play at the party.

5. When the guests start arriving for the party, you can hand them each a Fairy Princess hat and a Princess Jewel Ring. Then, you can set out princess coloring pages for the girls to color while they wait for everybody to arrive.

6. "Kiss the Frog." Use a big piece of poster board and draw a big green frog on it. Make sure your frog has big lips. Then have all the girls line up. Put a different shade of lipstick on each girl's lips and blindfold the first one in line. Spin her around three times and then have her go and try to find the frog's lips. When she thinks she's found it, have her kiss it. Have each of the girls try to kiss the frog. When everyone has tried, see who is the closest and give that girl a prize. (This game is just played like Pin the Tail on the Donkey.) You can award them (or everyone) a Candy Lipstick or a Princess Pez Dispenser.

7. Time for the Pinata! Fill a Disney Princess Pinata with Pinata candy filler as well as Disney Princess tattoos, Princess Coil Springs, and Princess headbands. Blindfold the girls and have them try to break open the Disney Princess Pinata with three swings. When the pinata breaks, all the girls can run and fill party bags with the candy and favors from the Pinata.

8. To send your guests home with a smile, you can fill Disney Princess Loot Bags (Or Disney Princess Purses) with these items: Disney Princess Danglers, Princess Headbands, Princess Coil Springs, Princess Wands, Butterfly Rubber Rings, and some Bendable Ballerinas. These would be great gifts for your guests.

9. To thank your guests for coming, you can use Princess Thank You's and write a special note on the inside. Or take a picture of each girl in her "Disney Princess dress" at the party and put the pictures on Princess Picture Holders to give to the girls. This would be a great way to express your thanks to everyone who came to the party.From Disney Princess Favors to Disney Princess Costumes you can really give a royal party…

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