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Disney's Enchanted Party Supplies

Top 10 Ideas for Enchanted Party Supplies, Games and Activities

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 1.  Invite guests to your Enchanted party with magical invitations featuring Giselle! Or create your own by attaching a pink slip of paper with the party information to a gold, silver or jeweled tiara. Let your guests know they can wear the tiara to the party!

 2.  Turn your party room into a magical castle by hanging bright purple and silver bows, and pink and white balloons from the walls and ceiling. Place an Enchanted birthday banner at the entry and Enchanted danglers at various points in the room. (all available from Zippa Party Supplies)

 3.  Set your "princess" table with a beautiful Giselle centerpiece, table cover, plates, cups and napkins. For the perfect cake, use pink or white frosting on a square or two-tiered white cake and decorate it with plenty of stars, faux diamonds or gems. Add a tiara on top of the cake for a finishing touch.

 4.  Play "Pink Magic". The guesser and the giver work together in this game. To play "Pink Magic" you have one person, the "guesser", close their eyes or face away from the group. Then, another person, the "giver", silently points an object out to everyone else in the room. That becomes the object the "guesser" must discover. Have the guesser turn around. The giver points to many objects in the room asking if the object is "it."

 The secret is, none of the objects is "it" until after the giver points to something pink (a person's shirt, watch, phone, anything pink). The object immediately after is the "it" in question.

 For example...

 Giver: "Is it this cereal box?"Guesser: "no"Giver: "Is it my (pink) boots?"Guesser: "no"Giver: "Is it this soda can?"Guesser: "yes"

 This should drive everyone in the room crazy trying to crack the code!

 5.  Hang an Enchanted pinata and fill it with a mix of candy, ring pops, princess headbands, and Enchanted bracelets to fill each guests theme party bag.

 6.  Send your guests on a "treasure hunt". Give them clues to find "enchanted" treasures-- rings, princess hats, bracelets, tiaras. Or follow Giselle's lead and let them discover plastic mice and bugs!

 7.  Have your guests cut out "paper dresses" from newspaper or butcher paper and decorate with colorful markers, tape, glitter and ribbon. Then have a fashion show!

 8.  Turn on your "Enchanted" CD and have your own "Kings and Queens Ball" by dancing (Freeze Frame would be a great idea--playing music while your guests dance and then stopping the music and having your guests "freeze" in their best "princess poses.")

 9.  Karaoke would also be a hit with guests who know the songs by heart! Give them a pretend microphone and a princess sash and let them sing individually or in groups.

 10.  Send your guests home by adding Enchanted tattoos or movie stickers to their bags. (available from Zippa) Then remember to send them an Enchanted thank-you note for coming and sharing your magical day!


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