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Top 8 Ideas for CARS Party Supplies, Games and Decorations Cars Invitations

1.  Purchase flashy Cars invitations (available at Zippa) telling your guests to "Speed on over!" Or make your own invitations by folding a piece of colorful paper or cardstock in half and tracing the outline of a car on it with a marker or dark pen. Then, cut the shape out. Color it to look like Lightning MacQueen or other favorite characters, or let your child do the coloring; children love receiving invitations made by their friends!

2.  For Cars decorations, take your guests to the land of Radiator Springs by greeting them at the door with 5' Lightning McQueen, Doc Hudson, and Tow Mater add-ons! Hang CARS balloons inside and outside your house to let the guests know where the party is! Decorate the walls of your party room with race car banners and cut-outs. And include plenty of red, white, an yellow streamers.

3.  Cover your party table with a Cars tablecover and use a traffic light or a police siren as a centerpiece (available from Zippa)! Add CARS plates, napkins and cups to complement your birthday cake, ice cream, and other snacks.

4.  Do some face painting.  Paint racing numbers and stripes, flames, flags, and tires on the children's faces to get them into the spirit!Truck Truck CarWhile waiting for all the guests to arrive, play "Truck Truck Car" (a variation of "Duck Duck Goose") by having your guests sit in a circle and one person being "it". The person who is "it" walks around the circle tapping each head and saying either "truck" or "car". When he/she says "car", that individual hops up and tries to catch the person who is "it" before he/she runs around the circle and sits down in his/her spot.

5.  Play Pin the Lights on Lightning. So Lightning McQueen doesn't have headlights? Well, lets give him some! Make a car out of cardboard, paper, or poster board, and then make a pair of headlights. You can draw an outline on the car where the lights are supposed to go, so the children will know what to aim for. Blindfold the children, have them put the headlights on the car, and see who gets the closest to the correct spot. Reward the winner with some CARS tattoos or or Supercharged stickers. Tire Bean Bag Toss

6.  Play Bean Bag Tire.  Place a tire on the ground, and place a piece of masking tape a fair distance away from the tire. Have the children line up behind the masking tape, and take turns throwing the bean bags into the tire.

7.  Play Red Light Green Light.  Kids love pretending they are cars, zooming down the street. Have someone be "It" and have the other guests line up at the other end of the room. The person who is "It" says "Green light!" and all the children run (or pretend they are driving a car) until "It" says, "Red light!" at which time, the children must stop. If someone is caught moving, he/she has to return to the start. The winner is the first person to reach the "finish line." Award the winner with die cast or funny face cars.

8.  Hand out Party Favors.  Send your guests home with a goody bag filled with convertible cars or monster trucks, his/her own 8" traffic light, Cars pez dispensers, and a mix of your favorite candies! (all available from Zippa)

Bring together the perfect mix of party supplies, games and decorations for a Cars party to remember!



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