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Construction Party Supplies

If your son likes big trucks, dirt, hammers, and hard hats, he will love to have a Construction Zone Party.  Click Shop Now to browse our massive inventory of party supplies.  Or, read on for Construction Party ideas.  Zippa has everything you need to make a memorable party from idea inception to the supplies and favors to make it happen.

Top 8 Ideas for Construction Zone Party Supplies, Decorations and Games

1. Bring on the Builders for a Construction Zone birthday party! Invite your child's friends to your Construction Zone Party with Construction Zone invitations. Or create your own by using bright yellow card stock, cutting each one into the shape of a truck, coloring in the windows and wheels and writing all the fun party details inside.

2. To prepare your party room, place a construction zone banner in your entry way to greet your guests. Hang plenty of bright red and yellow balloons and ribbons from the walls and ceilings.

3. To decorate your construction zone party table, use a bright yellow table cover and use a Red Police Light or an 8" Traffic Light as an eye-catching centerpiece. Round out your table with truck cups, plates and napkins for your building enthusiasts! (all available from Zippa)

4. As your guests arrive, hand each one a construction zone yellow (or pink for girls) hard hat. (available from Zippa)

5. Hammering Contest. Place nails or push pins in a board and see who can hammer them into the board in the least time. If you don't want to use real hammers, you can substitute 28" Inflatable Hammers (from Zippa) and use wooden pegs or another softer item instead of nails. Give the winners (or all the participants) 3" Construction Trucks or Tool Clickers.

6. For a great game, play "Builders and Bulldozers". Set up at least 5-10 hula hoops and fill them with balls and jacks and beanbags, etc... Split all the children into two teams. Assign one group the "Builders" and one group the "Bulldozers". Say, "One, two, three, Go!" and the bulldozers start taking things out of the hoops. Then the builders will pick up the same objects and put them back inside the hoops. The Bulldozers and Builders simultaneously take things out and put things into of the hoop. After a couple of minutes, say, "Stop!" If there are more things out of the hoops then in, the bulldozers win. If there are more things in the hoops then out, the builders win. Give all the children toy construction trucks as prizes for playing the game.

7. Roll out the truck pinata! Fill your truck pinata with a 5- lb. candy mix, Bob the Builder tattoos, Truck blowouts, Tool Clickers, Kooky Chew Treats, and a Pinata Toy Assortment. Use a Pinata Bat and Blindfold and let each child take three tries to break the pinata.

8. Make sure to have Construction Zone Loot Bags ready after the pinata breaks for your guests to fill with toys and candy!


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