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Barney Party Supplies

Top 9 Ideas for Barney Party Supplies, Games and Decor

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 1.  For some fun invitations, fold pink or purple construction paper in half or cut it out in a egg shape and put Barney's picture or a picture of your child dressed in a Barney outfit on the front. Write "Come and Play with me at my Barney Birthday Party!" and include the details of the party on the inside of the card.

 2.  To decorate, hang up Barney 12" Balloons in the party room, at the front door and on your mailbox to let people know where the party is. Then cut out large dinosaur footprints and place them outside, leading to the front door.

 3.  Set your table with purple and green plates and cups, as well as Barney luncheon napkins. Use your dinosaur pinata as an eye-catching centerpiece until it's time to break it later in the party.

 4.  Play "Barney Bingo." Draw or find on-line and print out Bingo cards featuring pictures of Barney and his friends in each square or write the character's names in each box. Use cereal or colorful jelly beans to mark the kids places. Then print out or write matching names or pictures and put them in a hat or a bowl to draw out of. (This game is played just like regular Bingo). The first one to yell, "Bingo!" or "Barney!" wins some Marshmallow Pops for a prize.

 5.  "Barney Says." This game is played just like "Simon Says" except the person who is telling which actions to do is "Barney". If "Barney" says, "Barney says to hop up and down..." the guests should do it. But it "Barney" only says, "Hop up and down", the children shouldn't do it. If a child doesn't follow the instructions correctly, he/she is out. Award Stretch Dinosaurs.

 6.  "Pin the Tail on Barney." Draw or buy a poster of Barney.  Make some "tails" for all the kids coming to the party. You can have the kids be blindfolded or have them close their eyes, spin them three times and have them try to "Pin the Tail on Barney." Whoever gets closest can win Bouncing Putty or Rainbow Springs (available from Zippa).

 7.  Break the Dinosaur Pinata! Have the kids use a pinata blindfold and bat to try and crack the pinata open. Fill your pinata with an assortment of toys and candy, including small cars, Glo Pops, candy necklaces, and stretch dinosaurs (all available from Zippa)

 8.  Send your guests home smiling by filling up Zoo Animal party bags with Wormz and Dirt, Rainbow Springs slinkies, Push Pop candy and Wild West Balloon Kits.

 9.  After the party's over, thank your guests for coming with bright Barney Thank-You notes--with a handwritten note from your child inside.


Give the party any child will love, when you bring Barney and Friends.  Be creative; send each child home with a Barney Gift Bag of all his or her favorite Barney gifts. 

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