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Spiderman Party Supplies

Read below for 10 great ideas for your Spiderman party.  Once you get an idea what you are looking for, be sure to visit Zippa's store by clicking 'Shop Now.'

Top 10 Ideas for Spiderman Party Supplies, Games and Decorations:

 1. Invite your guests to your Spiderman birthday party with colorful Spiderman Invitations from Zippa. Or create your own using bright red (or black) construction paper or cardstock. Fold the paper in half, write, "Swing on over to ______'s (your child's name) Spiderman birthday party!" and then attach cobwebs and fake spiders to the outside. Include all the Spiderman party details on the inside.

 2. Greet your guests at the door with a 5' Spiderman Birthday Scene Setter. Place an Amazing Spiderman Birthday Banner in your entryway. Around your party room, place eye-catching 5' Spiderman and other Super Hero add-ons as well as Spiderman City Scapes to create the perfect setting. (all available from Zippa)

 3. Hang Spiderman 12" balloons and Spiderman danglers from the ceiling. Add red and black balloons and use similar colors of crepe paper to create "webs" around the room. Or buy cobwebs and plastic spiders to hang in the four corners of the room.

 4. Use a bright red tablecover for your Spiderman party table and be sure to have Spiderman plates, Spiderman cups, Spiderman bowls and Spiderman napkins ready! Use a colorful Spiderman candle for the birthday cake and a Spiderman (or spider) Pinata as a centerpiece.

 5. Dress your child in a Spiderman costume for his or her Spiderman birthday party! Costumes are available in various sizes and come in black and red (including glow, fiberoptic and Spiderman comic costumes). If your child doesn't want to wear the full costume, he or she may opt for Spiderman Gloves and/or Spiderman Boot Tops.

 6. As your guests arrive, you can hand each one a Spiderman Blowout, a Spiderman Paper Mask or a Spider Ring (available from Zippa).

 7. "Spiderman, Spiderman, We Need Help!" (Number of Players: 5 or more) One person is chosen to be "Spiderman" (he or she can even put on the costume, gloves, or boot tops) and he/she goes out of the room. The rest of the group then holds hands in a circle (standing up). After that, they can step over, go under, and twist each other's arms--anything they can think of to created a web for Spiderman to figure out. The only rule is that they can't let go of each other's hands.

 When they're done getting twisted up, the group yells, "Spiderman! Spiderman! We Need Help!" Then "Spiderman" comes out and tries to untangle the group by telling them what to do, such as where to step, which way to twist, etc. Once again, the participants cannot let go each other's hands. If Spiderman can get them untangled, he wins. But if he can't get them untangled, then the group wins. Different people can take turns being Spiderman for other rounds.

 8. "Black Magic" (Number of Players: 3 or more) This is a game where there's a secret. Two people have to be in on the secret for the game to work. One of the two people goes out of the room, and one stays in. The person in the room helps the group decide on an object. Then the other person comes back into the room and tries to guess what object was chosen. The person who remained in the room, let's call her "Jo", points to different things around the room, and says, "Is this it?" Then the "seeker", let's call her Sally, either says "yes" or "no". The object can be anything, even a zipper or something discreet like that. The object of the game is for the other members of the group to figure out how Sally is guessing it, so don't tell the secret to the group.

 The secret is: Sally knows what the chosen object is because Jo points to a BLACK object before she points to the chosen object, thus the name, "Black Magic".

 9. Pinata time! Use your Spiderman (or spider) pinata centerpiece--having previously filled it with Spider Rings, Spiderman Punch Balls, Spiderman Tattoos, Spiderman Stickers, Spiderman Mini Dots and an assorment of red and black (or your child's favorite) candies. Use a Pinata Bat and Blindfold and let each child have three hits until the pinata breaks. Be sure to have Spiderman loot bags on hand!

 10. After your Spiderman party ends, use Spiderman Thank You notes to send or deliver to your guests. You may want to include a Spiderman party favor (such as stickers or mini dots) in each one.

 These ideas coupled with party supplies from Zippa will help you host a fantastic, memorable party.


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